I have the plans for the folding bench and copies of the patterns, but I'm looking for the plans or details of making the bracket that will facilitate the bench to fold...

According to the article i have it is shown on page 25 of Woodsmith magazine # 136, published 2001

If anyone has this magazine I would really appreciate it if you could either fax it to me or scan page 25 and E-mail it.

I called Woodsmith and that volume is only available if i were to purchase the whole year of 2001. It's only $20.00, but I don't need the whole year.

I have on disc Shopnotes Volume # 1 thru volume # 72
(1992 thru 2000) and every hard copy volume from
# 72 thru the current volume. Maybe I can help some else.

Thank you
Jiggs Elphison
Fax 406-782-2861
E-mail jiggs@bresnan.net