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Thread: Could you pass the US Citisenship test.

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    Could you pass the US Citisenship test.

    I found it interesting having been born in the US that I couldn't quite make the grade I onlly got 80% and it takes 85% to pass. For our family outside the boarders you might find it interesting but for those of us born here I find it a little humbleng. Here the link if you are interestd in takeing the test.
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    i scored 95% on the test, couldn't figure out how, since i got all of them right. then i saw that i had accidentally skipped over number 3...
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    Good thing I'm happy being a Canadian.
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    if dan got a hundered then i am not gonna take it i will just go without the card for awhile
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    Looks like I'll be allowed to stay and I hope the real test is MUCH harder. Do so many native people really not know these things. I tanked on the number of amendments, interval for senatorial election and the current chief justice. The first two I should have just remembered from school and I guess I have no excuse for the third. Glad I was born here ;-))
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    Made the grade. Got 80%.

    Missed Constitution date and Chief Justice and two more. If logic had prevailed, I would have gotten the Constitution date right.

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    Scored 85%. I read each question and checked the answer that my gut told me to without hesitation. Missed the number of amendments, who was president durind WWI and date constitution was written.

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    100% Wife and I took it together and I corrected what I thought were her wrong answers Guess I'm a better citizen than she is...But I've been at it a year and a half longer

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    Wow, I thought I would fail miserably, but ended up with a 95!


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