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Thread: I need help with inexpensive or free software

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    I need help with inexpensive or free software

    I have a Sanyo video camera that uses a 8
    gigabyte SDHC card.

    I need simple softeware program to process & play it.
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    Hey Bart when you find something let me know also. I have a SVT T-500 and having the same problem.


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    Bart, I don't own a digital video camera but what is "it" that you are trying to process and play?

    SDHC memory card is just a storage card. When you shoot a movie, what format does it record in? Does your camera save it as a file on the memory card?

    A few days ago a friend of mine gave me a video file that he had recorded with his Sony digital camera. If I remember it right, it was either in .mts or .m2ts file format. I was able to play it with Windvd software which costs $60. They have a trial version that you can download and test.

    I was able to play it with bsplayer (it is free), but the video playback was jerky. You might also want to try VLC (Also free) player which can play most video formats.

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