One day, this poor fellow was bemoaning his bad fortune and walking the beach in California trying to figure out how to improve his marriage and life in general.
Suddenly, he spots this magic lantern in the sand and picks it up. A genie comes out and grants the poor fellow the usual three wishes. Immediately, he asks for good health and prosperity. Then the genie asks what would be wish #3. The man answers that he has family in Hawaii that he hasn't seen in many years. But, because he has a fear of flying he would like a bridge so he can drive to see them.
The genie about has a fit. He says, "You don't know what you are asking. The length, depth of water and lot of other considerations make the engineering about impossible. No, I must refuse, think up another wish."
So, the poor fellow says, "OK, help me to understand women."
The genie thinks a moment then says, "Did you want that bridge two lane or four lane?"