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Thread: Table to restore and 2 make benches to match

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    Table to restore and 2 make benches to match

    Although this is not an antique it is a family heirloom. The client wanted me to refurbish the table. It belonged to his Grandmother. The top was a real mess. I should have taken pics but I didn't It had burn marks on it where someone had set something hot and there were sever gouges. I used my jack plane to smooth out the top and sanded to 220. then I stripped and sanded the rest of the table. It is just pine but still it means a lot to the customer who is more then willing to pay to have it refurbished. The clients fience also asked me to make two matching benches. I have all of the pieces milled and ready to be fitted and assembled. The materiaql is 8/4 sugar pine.
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