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Thread: Metal shop stand Rockler or Kreg?

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    Metal shop stand Rockler or Kreg?

    Hi All,

    I recently purchased a Kreg clamp table and am looking to add the stand/casters. I was looking through the Rockler site and I can get a stand and casters there for $40 less than the Kreg branded stand/casters plus free shipping. The Kreg stand looks to be a little beefier than the Rockler. The casters look identical but the Rockler ones are $10 cheaper.

    Anyone here have experience w/either or both of these stands/casters?


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    No experience with the Kreg stand. I have the Rockler, bolted it together and then welded it solid. 300# of sand and it is rock solid.

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    I own the Kreg stand and am VERY IMPRESSED with how thick the metal is and how nice the stand is overall. I am using it with a Woodpecker 32X52 tabletop, another layer of 3/4" MDF, Incra LS Super 25" router fence, 5625 Milwaukee, PRL, and Woodpecker Dust Box under the lift/router. The stand is WAYY overkill for just that router table. I added the Kreg casters and WOW is it mobile - VERY nice casters. Check the thickness of the posts for the leveling feet and the overall height adjustments. IMO - DEFINATELY worth the extra $10! Made in the USA as well and HEAVY DUTY! I would buy another if I ever need a stand again.

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    Metal stnd or Kreg Stand

    Dale & Mike,

    I bought the Kreg stnd this weekend. Thanks for the pic and info. Hopefully I can get it put together this week. I got the red swivel lock casters that Woodcraft sells instead of the Kreg casters.


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