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Thread: Ashman's been busy

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    Ashman's been busy

    Been a while since I logged fact Tom Niemi informed me today as to the exact date, and he was right on.....don't anyone ever play any dates trivia with him.....he'd be a sure winner.

    It's been a real busy place around here the past year.....our town got hit with a massive dose of large hail as evidenced by the pictures of some of the houses I put bids on. I can honestly say I did not know where my next house payment would be coming from with Michigans poor economy.....all I can say is the Lord hears a desperate mans prayer. Since the hail storm hit I have done in excess of 120 bids on roofs, siding, soffits, facia, gutters, windows and doors. I was awarded about 40 contracts from various insurance companies for repairs to damaged houses,garages and pole barns. I went from a crew of mostly me, to a full time roofing crew with my 2 sons doing extra roofing jobs on the weekend, myself and another doing siding, etc. and another crew doing gutters and downspouts. so now I am keeping 9 people gainfully employed. I know it is going to end as the repairs will eventually all get done.....but I am still booked up the rest of this year at least with more work for the insurance companies......they keep sending work my way because they say my prices are great, workmanship is exceptional, and no call backs or upset customers.

    I am gonna hate it when this "ride" ends, the money has been good and I have everything paid for, even bought some new equiptment. I asked the insurance folks to keep me in mind for anything in the future, so I hope that works out.

    Not everything has been all work around here, even though I have not done any wood working in the shop......but we got a new grand daughter. Her name is Ava Mae and is another blessing in itself

    ......and I bought another antique John Deere.....this one is a pretty rare one with a factory wide front and 3 point hitch. It would be akin to finding a 1955 Chevy 2 door Bel Aire in original condition, with no rust, a little bad paint and ran like new.

    Had a litter of pigs born too.....

    So that is what the Ashman has been up to, been very hectic, but like my daddy always said.......ya gotta make hay when the sunshines......and I have.

    I hear there is a 2010 tour coming up.....might be time for me to relax....

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    Good to hear from you Steve! Glad it's just been work that's kept you from us. Keep at it! Jim.
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    Great having you check in Steve, I've wondered what you been up to.
    Sounds like things have been going well for you, hope that continues.


    Tony, BCE '75

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    congratulations on the beautiful granddaughter.(when you show her picture, you should put the grandpa loves me shirt on her)

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    Glad to see you are doing well. I'm glad you checked in. Come back soon.


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    I was thinking about you just the other day, wondering if you were still fixing hail damage. I see the answer was "hail, yes".

    Glad to see the haymaking has been good to you. It'd be great if you could break away for the 2010's expected to make a pass through my part of the country, and I'd enjoy seeing you with it.
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    I can't tell you how glad I am to hear that you have been so very busy

    The bit about "Exceptional work, great prices and happy customers" did not surprise me one little bit, you ALWAYS do a good job

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    hi steve, glad to hear you`re doin` well!
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    Great to hear from you, Ashman. I had asked Larry about you several months ago, so I'm glad you've been having a good "Hay Season" and taking advantage of it too. Congrats on all the new "Additions" you've acquired. Keep us updated from time to time when you have a chance.

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    Good to see you back Steve,! and I'm looking forward to meet you on the tour
    Best regards,

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