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Thread: Minor Upgrade To The Bench

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    Minor Upgrade To The Bench

    I have two woodworking vices on "Da Bench", but I did not have a metal working vice in the Dungeon, I used to have one, but the cheap casting broke on it, so it is junk. Well today, I picked up another metal working vice, and mounted it on a piece of plate steel and a large chunk of wood..........

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    ........ works very well!!

    I should have done this a very long time ago.
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    That's a serious vice.

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    That oughtta serve you well, Stu - as long as you don't try to use it as an anvil...
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    This is what I need to do Stu.
    May I ask why you used such a large piece of wood? I realize the need to attach the vise to something, but why not to a board attched to a smaller cleat?

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    Brilliant idea Stu. Once again you have done it. Is that plate not a bit thin.

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    When I started reading about the metal vise, I thought "No, you didn't mount that on your bench!!!!" And of course, you didn't. Great plan executed again! Jim.
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