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Thread: small corner desk ?

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    small corner desk ?

    Hey all. I'm building a corner desk for our guest bedroom.It will be used mainly by the wife to get away from any distractions when she is working on her degree.( online college courses)
    It is being built using spalted maple, so my question.Being as it is spalted maple what is the best finish for the top? I am leaning towards a two part polymer resin. If i go with this will it take the abuse? Also will i need to do the bottom also? I have used this finish on a few projects over the years but never on a desk top. I also thought of just getting a piece of glass but the price just don't agree with the budget.
    Here are some pics( as we all like pics) of the wood i planed this weekend.Also the start of the top. thanks for any info you can give.
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    never worked with the two part stuff steve, but as general rule yu need to finish both sides with something or yu will get major warpaged, not nessacarily the same stuff but something
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    That spalted maple will never work for the desk it's too weak. Send it to me and I'll dispose of it for ya...
    I've got some knotty pine that I'll send ya to replace that punky wood..
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