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Thread: A Diamond in the Rough

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    A Diamond in the Rough

    A bit of a gloat, but more a "don't judge a book by it's cover" post. Last night I picked up an old metal tool box that was for sale on Craigslist. It was advertised for $5 and the fuzzy picture showed a cantilever top tool box a bit worse for wear, but it looked like it suited my needs.

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Name:	kennedy 1018 3qtr view before.jpg 
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    I went to look it over and to my surprise it turned out to be a Kennedy tool box (model 1018). The exterior has seen its fair share of abuse and a really bad paint job. But the interior was in great shape and the hinges and trays were tight and worked well - so it followed me home.

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Name:	kennedy 1018 label.jpg 
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Name:	kennedy 1018 open before.jpg 
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    A bit of cleaning, paint removal from the hardware - a pet peeve of mine, new liners and it's ready to go to work! (Still ugly though!)

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Name:	kennedy 1018 top after.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	kennedy 1018 open after.jpg 
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    I figure the really bad exterior will serve as a bit of urban camouflage especially since it goes to different sites with me. Hopefully any ne'er do well will judge it by it's cover!


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    Great score !!!

    I have my 35+ year old craftsmans tool box. they just don't make them like that any more..

    And for $5 .... You rock.

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    Certainly you will not find as good a tool box as that for five times the price, maybe even ten times the price!


    I knew an electrician that used to paint all of his tools HOT PINK as he just got tired of his tools growing legs and walking away, his drill motors and everything

    Got to the point that no one wanted to touch his tools, let alone borrow or steal them

    Great score for sure!
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    Well done Wes. I have my father's Kennedy Machinist Toolchest (Model 52611) he bought in the 1950s. Great shape and lovingly cared for by me.

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    Not knowing a Kennedy from any other tool box, at $5 I still think you still got a whale of a deal on the box... good looking tool box.
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    That's a whale of a deal for a really good tool box. Congrats on a legal steal.


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