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Thread: I need to clean my Dust collector more often..

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    Red face I need to clean my Dust collector more often..

    I decided that my DC need to be emptied out, boy was I suprised..
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    i'm sure you could fit just a little bit more in...
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    It seems that I check mine and check mine and there's just not much in there . . . then all of the sudden . . .
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    I couldnt wait to buy a dust collector, just to keep some kind of cleanliness around the place.
    I bought alot of hoses and attachments to hook up all the machines. It works well.
    Man, I really, really hate cleaning the dust collector.
    Gotta be one of worst tasks in woodworking.

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    About 3 weeks ago I get to thinking that the flashing amber light outside my DC closet has never gone off yet and that I should probably do a manual check pretty soon. A couple days later the light starts flashing so I can relax about anything being wrong with my bin sensor and warning light. I only have a 35 gal drum under mine so it wasn't too bad but it still took me a bit of doing to get it emptied out.
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    Sometimes it seems that it fills by itself overnight.

    Yup, it an the scruge of the WWer... I miss the days when all you had to do was ring the clean-up bell and bark at the students to clean the shop. and the Janitors emptyed the collector.... Brings you down a notch when you have to do it yourself...

    Don't forget to save some for this fall, I store bulbs in DC shavings till spring. works great! v Last year I had tossed out my last batch when I realized I needed some for the winter, so I processed a few feet of lumber and collected a fair share for the bulbs.

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    Wow, that is some really fine shavings. I empty mine once a week.

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    Boy, looks like that was close to a real "OOPS", Don, 'cause NOBODY likes to clean packed sawdust out of the filter pleats.

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    Looks like you mixed the male and female wood together and it multiplied Don.

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