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Thread: tough day today, scrap wood, glass guy, heavy rain

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    tough day today, scrap wood, glass guy, heavy rain

    I called the glass guy to see if my doors are ready, since I dropped them off this morning(how long will it take him to cut 4 pieces and tack them in?)
    After not being told they were closed yesterday, the day I told them Id bring them in, and they said fine, today, in the afternoon, I was told(by a 17 y/o high school kid) she was on the phone right at that moment with the glass company to see where my glass was. Excuse me? I was told after leaving a deposit the glass will be in last friday, monday was fine, monday you were closed, tuesday afternoon youre first ordering the glass?
    Ok, things happen.
    I was almost about to begin the big cleanup, shop rearrangement, cabinet ripping, rack building, when I noticed I have enough scrap piles, everywhere, buckets, bins, shelves, machines, cabinets, tables, bbq, anywhere there is a spot, I put the cut offs or scraps, just refusing to dispose of any hardwoods.
    So I decided while waiting for the glass, Ill cut me down and plane and joint a few small pieces and make a little box. 7 inch box.
    Ofcourse, nothing went right, I glued up the top frame and panel(raised panel, 5 inches long, used the cove bit as per Glenn did, only difference, is he knows what hes doing)3 times, each time more unhappy with the mitred corners not lining up right. While fighting with that, the rain came down, I had the garage door open, but the rain fell at an incredible pace, and my driveway flooded, and as I stood there holding a 7 inch frame/panel in my hands, cursing away, a small Tsunami 3 inches high flooded my garage!
    I dropped the panel, grabbed a broom and attempted to sweep out the incoming deluge, but it came in 4 times faster than I could sweep it out.
    I kicked over a bucket of scrap, not intentionally, well, half intentionally, looked at the water rushing in almost to the jointer, and shut the door hoping that would stop the flood.

    Im not complaining.
    Ya gotta have a sense of humor when you lack talent.

    The boxmakers of the world would rejoice if I start posting my boxes more often. They would know their incomes are secure if they sell small boxes.
    Even I dont have the courage or chutzpah to post my boxes.
    Like I said, its a good thing I have a sense of humor, or Id be selling off my equipment today and taking up another hobby.

    gotta love this stuff, I cant wait to see what a lathe has in store for me.

    Im just sharing what most probably go through at one point or another.
    Its only wood, but I think it has brains and is constantly looking at me going, nah, nah, nah, .....nah, nah NAH!

    My wife says I should take a few weeks off and go to the beach.

    Last time I went to Long Beach, the kids yelled hurry up! push him back in before he dies!
    Id rather deal with the wood.

    stay happy and healthy, its the only way to get through every day.
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    sounds like yu had a bad at the lake allen,, yu should have gone to work instead,,imagine what fun yu could have had there:
    If in Doubt, Build it Stout!
    One hand washes the other!
    Don't put off today till tomorrow!

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