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Thread: Daisy 1999 - 2009

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    Daisy 1999 - 2009

    I had to have my oldest dog put down today. Daisy was a blue heeler that was given to us because the she would always run away. From the first day we had her she would never try to leave the yard. I could whistle and snap my fingers and she would come running to me where ever she was at.

    The one bad habit we could never break was she never could get along with other dogs. When we got Sammy she would tolerate him but if he ever walked by her the wrongway she would snip at him. As she got older if you disturbed her while she slept she would try and bite you.

    Well yesterday Daisy took it to far and put a big gash on the side of Sammy's ribs. It was totaly unprovoked. Sammy wouldn't even put up a fight with the puppies we have. Daisy is the dog on the left and Sammy is on the rightClick image for larger version. 

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    This was a very tough decision to make. She was starting to have some health problems but she was also starting to take more than a snip at LOML at night when she would get out of bed at night to let the dogs out and her foot would touch Daisy.

    We buried her out back with her favorite toys and planted a tree over her. She will be missed.

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    Tough and sad decision to take Alan. I'm sorry about it.
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    Aw man, sorry to see the news, Alan. We've got a heeler cross who also has similar "social skill" issues with some dogs, but not all. She's very smart, and loves being "on command" (voice or hand signals), but some dogs (including one of our other ones) just rub her the wrong way for some reason.
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    Sorry to hear that Alan. Sometimes it makes no difference how much we love our pets, we just can't get them to understand and live by certain expectations that are make their existence possible. I hope Sammy recovers fully and quickly.


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    She was a very smart dog. Loml would know when I was about a half a mile from home cause she would be at the door barking. She could tell if I was going out to the shop or getting ready to come in the house. This is to hard to write about.

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    That stinks Alan, what a terrible decision to have to make, but based on the rest of the story, you made the right decision. Better to address the problem now before she got a hold of some small childs face. I've seen that happen, its not pretty.
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    I am sorry to hear you had to do this.

    I had to have the MP's take a terrier I had when I lived on base. It was a Sunday & she had snapped at my 18 month old daughters face once & I corrected her a little later she did it again but I was staying close on purpose & as she turned to snap I grabbed her & called the MP's & they came & got her there was no other way to get her out of the apt. on Sunday that would be quicker.
    We still had her pup which just loved our daughter & followed her everywhere & slept under her crib.
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