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Thread: Apple Vases.

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    Apple Vases.

    Hello all.
    This is my first post for a while,over 12 months i think
    Just thought seeing as how there are a few members from the UK posting on here i thought i would re-join and show my latest pieces,which are two Apple Vases showing some lovely colouring.
    Large one is 13-1/2" tall by 6-1/2" wide.
    The smaller one is 9" tall by 6-1/2" wide.
    Hollowed out using the Lyle Jamieson hollowing rig which i have just recently acquired which i am finding to be a very good tool to use.
    Hope you like em,and hope to be visiting and posting more often

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    Very, very nice Paul.

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    Wow, those look great, Paul. Impressive size, too, especially the big one. Isn't captive hollowing wonderful?
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    Welcome back. Very nice work. Those are, indeed, impressive. How is apple to work with?
    Keep the posts coming.

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    Very nice Paul!
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    Glad you stopped by Paul!

    Those are really nice, and I'm impressed as I've always heard that Apple was very hard to work with, it wants to crack....
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    Glad you stopped by again and posting. Those are beauties. Great looking wood.
    Bernie W.

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    Thanks for the welcome back and comments folks,much appreciated
    Glad you like these two pieces as they are only my real first attempts at hollowing this deep,and that is thanks to the Munro tool and the LJ rig which i find a lot easier on my back and arms to use.Just love the laser guide
    The Apple has been stored for about two years in log form.
    First twelve months stored outside just under a tarp,than brought into my dry storeage area.
    Sorted them out last week and there was big splits in the ends which i just cut off on the bandsaw ready to use.
    In fact the first log i put on was too badly split,so that was cut up into smaller blanks for other use.It is too nice to throw away.
    I have read that Apple is best turned green and than very thinly which is what i did with my vey first Apple piece about eighteen months- two years ago.That piece did warp nicely but didn't split
    Apple i think turns lovely,wet or dryish.
    Managed to turn another one today which i will post later on

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    Apple Vases

    Beautifull pieces

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