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Thread: Warning & upgrade info. for Nova DVR owners

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    Warning & upgrade info. for Nova DVR owners

    As this could be something applicable to members here, I thought it worth a pointer.
    UKWorkshop thread on DVR service problem
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    Interesting, I recently taught a lady how to turn and she has became a fanatic, when she asked what kind of lathe to buy, I recommended the Nova DVR based on good things I had heard about it, and the fact that it was on sale at Woodcraft at the time. Well, she had problems straight away with dust getting into the computer "brain" of it, and it would shut down, she got some advice from Teknatool, but the problem persisted. Since it was still within the time window to return it, she did so. She ended up buying a Powermatic 3520 at the Albuquerque AAW Symposium. It was a demo model and she said she got a good deal on it. How's that for a starter lathe?!!!

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    I hadn't heard of anyone having this problem before. I'm guessing it's not real common, but it's good to know about the condition and the cure.

    Barry, I'm not sure what you taught her, but you obviously got that lady hooked in a big way.
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