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Thread: Another Day off and More Turning

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    Another Day off and More Turning

    Another day off and defintely no overtime available so i thought i would spend part of the day playing with my wood turnings in the garage. My gardner brought me alot of Pine and Mesquite so i have been turning the pine first. Pine seems to start cracking easy even though its sealed with anchor seal so i decided to turn all of it first. My only storage is the garage and here in the desert and the temps get way up there - garage is like a oven during the day. I have not lost that much but what the heck it was free anyway.

    Pictures 1 & 2 - Small natural edge turning - bark was comming off so i took it all off and sanded - Wood is pine (junk kind) and analine dye ruby red - sanded lightly and lightly applied green over the red - again lightly sanded, Deft-Acrylic spray gloss applied - 2 coats - now will sit for a couple weeks and probably buff lightly with the PL im trying out.

    Picture 3 - Assortment of bowls sitting to dry well - one in the front was sanded thru 600 and 3 coats of Formby's - have never used it before but Vaugh uses it and i thought i would give it a try - no special finish just the Formby's and it does put a nice depth color to a otherwise bland wood. Ill buff it in a couple weeks

    Picture 4 - Light coating of analine dye - lightly sanded and first coat of Formby's on it - i think ill put 3 coats total and let sit to dry - trying the Formbys on a few different finishes and so far i like how they are comming out.

    Picture 5 - Just pulled from liquid soap soak (1 week in soak - I actually had forgotten it was in the soak) tonight and will finish turn tomm. The bark has stayed on and ill probably add a bit of CA to make sure it does stay put - will finish sand and decide on the finish then - will not use dye on this as it has some nice grain pattern to it - not shown well in the picture. It is a nice big one so im hoping for no cracks or checks.

    Picture 6 - Just pulled out of oil soak (1 week in soak) and will let dry out for the next couple weeks now - no crack noted and no movement - sanding the inside was no treat i may add.

    Picture 7 - turned green and thin and soaked and wet sanded in the soak over and over - taken out to dry several times and resoaked. Not totally the Ron Kent way but it has translucent areas all over it and really is comming out nice - the picture is the bowl just out of soak tonight and now will let dry for a couple weeks. Undecided on the final finish right now but im sure ill come up with something out of the ordinary......LOL

    Picture 8 - Natural edge finished and drying for a couple weeks - Mesquite - left a bit on the thick side and coated with AO 4 coats and lightly sanded with 400 (it had alot of ruff areas on the AO when dried) then 3 coats of semi gloss laquer - will try the PL buff on it in another weeks or so.

    Picture 9 - Pine Natural edge turned and soaked in Liquid Soap and put in a bag for a week - very very dried out - remounted today and i decided NOT to use my steady rest which was a mistake - started turning and on the outer edge (where chatter happens) i heard it making a clicking noise so i turned off the lathe and saw it had cracked bad on the opposite ends - so bad a small pie shaped pc came off - Decent grain pattern to it and i could have just thrown it into the designer wood pile but decided to try to save it - using CA i glued the pc back into place - filled the cracks with fine powder black stone i had and soaked them again with CA. The cracks are very thin and small so hopefully they will be hidden well. I Will let dry overnight and will be one of my projects tomm to try to finish (ill post pictures tomm night of the outcome - blown up or saved.....LOL )
    What did i learn - Use the steady rest on this type of wood and wall thickness because it so dry i couldnt believe it, actually became along fragile to touch with any tool - the other thing im going to do which helps in the cutting is to spray it down with soapy water as im turning. I have done this before with very dried out burl etc and it works very well to get clean crisp cuts.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Acrylic-1 (600 x 450).jpg   Acrylic-2 (600 x 450).jpg   Assortmen (600 x 450).jpg   Formby-1 (600 x 450).jpg   Liquid-Detergent-Soak (600 x 450).jpg  

    Oil-Soak-1 (600 x 450).jpg   Oil-Soak-2 (600 x 450).jpg   Oil-Soak-Laquer (600 x 450).jpg   Rough Turned Pine (600 x 450).jpg  
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    Those are some good looking pieces Dan. Guess you put that overtime to good use. I am in the same boat. When 40 hrs roll around you had better be gone and off the clock. Of course I am only going to worry about that for 173 more days.
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    Another day off and more turning

    Hey,now thats a good way to make your day go by.Wished I had known about that soapy water thing,when I turned some VERY dry maple burl a few yrs ago.Oh well we live an learn.Beautifull work there.

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    Thanks to all...........and i sure do miss the overtime but then again wood turning is a fun hobby...............

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    We're gonna have to start calling you Doctor Mosely, the mad (finish) scientist.

    Glad to see you got some good turning time in, even if it meant a smaller paycheck.
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