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    Went out to the garage for awhile today to turn or rough out a few bowls. Temp here is in the 110's and in the garage is even a bit hotter but i just push my Jet out into the driveway and started turning. My two obstacles are the hot temps and the wood itself (pine from my gardner) but good enough for practice and goofing around. Put a pc on and turned away 2 keepers, 2 had to many bad cracks they went to the firewood pile - and one i cut a hole thru in the bottom (see below).
    I usually use calipers for wall thickness, a depth gauge made out of wood and a dowel to measure inside depth, or sometimes i just drill a hole to the depth i want. So what went wrong here ? I was turning and thought to myself that i don't need any of these tools and that i could turn the whole thing by feeling my way.............guess i was wrong................
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    Oops is right. Gotta always keep the inner dimension smaller than the outer dimension.

    Seeing the Estwing sitting there...did you do the "hammer test" on that bowl after you took the pics?
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    That's a shame, Dan.
    The only person who hates to hear oops more than a woodturner is a woman at her hairdresser.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gord Rock View Post
    That's a shame, Dan.
    The only person who hates to hear oops more than a woodturner is a woman at her hairdresser.
    Or a patient on the operating table....
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    Well Dan you could do like I did. Hang it on the wall next to the lathe as a reminder. Every time I think one more cut I look up at it.
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    I guess I don't see the problem? It looks to be a very nice funnel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Ellis View Post
    Or a patient on the operating table....
    Especially if you're in for a vasectomy!
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