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Thread: Some lumpy flatwork

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    Some lumpy flatwork

    Finished this piece a couple weeks ago. Since I got about as much time cutting/trimming/gluing this piece as I do turning, I figured I'd sneak it in here. Started out as a honduran mahogany plank. I cut it 3 1/8" squares. Numbered them to get them back in order. glude common pine around the edges of each one to prevent chip-out, Then turned them; 40 of them. used a template to get the curves the same. Then carefully cut the pine away on the table saw and glued them back together. Sanded to even up the seams, and finished with several coats of wipe-on poly. Had a friend cut the matting (faux leather) she works at a frame shop, then mounted it. Oh yea, made the frame too. I got frusterated when the local city hall put out a call for artist to display in the citys' public spaces, but when I spoke to them, they said they would olny take stuff that hangs on the wall. Next time I will be ready for them. The size of the object is 13x22.
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    That is so very cool Barry. Really put a smile on my face and got a "Wow" out of me.
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    Man, talk about thinking outside the box! That's very cool, Barry. I can see potential for a series of variations on the theme.
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    Great! For a lumpy flatwork it is fantastic.

    However, I don't understand the statement "they said they would olny take stuff that hangs on the wall" this is hanging on the wall isn't it? So were was the problem?
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    Tony, yes, it's intended to hang, but I hadn't made it at the time they requested the art.
    Hey Vaughn, I guess we think alike, I'm already planning my next variation, I'm thinking I'll use triangles next time, just waiting for the right piece of wood to come along, heaven forbid, I might have to buy it

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    Great "Outside the Box" design idea.

    Wouldn't that make a cool "outside the box" material for a Box...

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    outside the box was my first thought when i saw it barry and the finished art is very well done.. and like glen said wow the second thought..
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