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Thread: Another Vase.

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    Another Vase.

    This is a piece i turned the other day while i was in the mood for hollowing
    It is Spalted Sycamore,which again was left in log form in the open and then brought under cover before turning it.
    It is 13" tall by 6" dia.
    This one was hollwed out using the Munro to get the bulk of the inners out and the LJ rig to get a wall thickness of about 1/4".
    I managed to get a decent finish on the inside using a scraper on the Munro tool,and sanded using a Simon Hope sanding ball.
    The outer was sanded down to 400 grit and finished with Danish Oil as the wood was a little bland looking,but the oil brought the grain out and put a little brownish colour to it.
    Hope you like it

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    Another Vase

    WOW,beautifull piece

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    I like it, Paul. Might have looked good with a little bit of a concave curve toward the top, but I really like it as it is.
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    I like it. Really different form. Have to borrow that one.
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    I like it Paul. Nicely done. As Bernie said, the form's a bit different, but in this case that's a good thing.
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    Thanks for the comments,glad you like it.
    The straight sides were part of the design when turning this piece,just to keep it simple and to show the splating off to it's best effect i thought.

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