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Thread: Irwin Parallel Clamps

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    Irwin Parallel Clamps

    Hi All,

    Received a mailer from Rockler w/Irwin clamps at a good price. the 24" are $19.99 and the 48" are $26.99. Anyone here have experience w/the clamps and have an opinion on hor good a deal this is?


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    I picked up some a few months ago, on a recommendation from someone who has a ton of them

    They're heavier than other parallel clamps. Big clamping surface, nice big handle for easy tightening.

    The main difference with other parallel clamps is that the bar is smooth, and the teeth are in the handle, which is opposite to others. The benefit there is that glue drips just pop off the bar, versus the difficulty getting them out of the teeth of other bars.

    That said, I really haven't had them long enough to say if they're really any better than the Gross+Stabil clamps that I've had for 3+ years. Certainly no worse.
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    Don't the newer CabinetMasters have a smooth bar?

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    Yes sir they do

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