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Thread: Anyone tried Google Chrome?

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    Anyone tried Google Chrome?

    Their new internet browser? I am a confirmed FireFox kind of guy, but this may change my mind. I am noticing that it is faster to load web pages than Firefox. Very noticeable difference sometimes too. So far I am impressed!

    Now to just figure out how to get rid of the hideous blue color scheme!
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    I've been using it for a while now and an happy with it. I switched from IE because Chrome is faster.

    But I'm certainly not an expert on it - I just use it.

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    I down loaded it and tried it, but didn't like it.. don't know what I didn't like, but went back to firefox... I still use IE because I have a couple of Yahoo email accounts that I use, but that's about the only thing I use IE for.. and reading the news on Yahoo... if we could get a real newspaper out here in the country would rather read that. Any real searches I need, I'll go to Google on Firefox.
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    Hi Jeff , interesting that you post this cause i tried it and like some of it. Then my old habits return and i am back to IE. However due to other software i run such as my accounting software which is Quickbooks, I have not downloaded any update for IE due to it affecting my Quickbooks version so i am still stuck on ie 6.

    Today i had to register my son for hockey and the site we have to go to called for IE8. So I tried Chrome and it worked. So Kudus to them i can do things with Chrome that i cannot do with IE unless I upgrade. Chrome did not affect any of my other programs.

    Thats all i can offer. Oh and I run XP Media and dont ever intend changing to any other operating system as long as I can help it.

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    Rob, if you run Firefox, you can get an extension that tricks pages into thinking you are using IE.

    As for Chrome, I've tried it and found just the opposite, graphics intense websites are noticeably slower for me, it almost looks like the old dial up screens where stuff downloads in lines. It annoyed me so I went back to plain old firefox which I think is still pound for pound the best browser around.

    On a wild day a couple weeks ago, I installed the new Safari browser from Apple, its "ok", but they all feel like they are playing catch up to me.

    I am looking forward to Google releasing their OS in the future, I think that has promise and will finally force M$ to try and get things right the first time.
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