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Thread: Good deal - Grizzly G1067Z Lathe $80

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    Good deal - Grizzly G1067Z Lathe $80

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    The poster just dropped the price from $100 to $80

    If someone really wants it I can help you pick it up.

    Dan Gonzales
    Whittier, CA, USA
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    for that price one couldnt go wrong the motor is worth that,, but no i am not in the market
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    Makes me almost nostalgic. That model is what I used almost daily for six years. Very fine machine for 90% of most folks turning needs.
    I sold mine for much more than that and the buyer has written me several times thanking me for selling it to him. BTW, it is in daily use by a professional turner.
    BTW #2: It uses a Reeves drive that worked flawlessly for those six years.

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    Darn. Once again, I'm on the wrong coast!



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