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Thread: Rectangular Platter

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    Rectangular Platter

    This piece is a rectangular plate, 8"x9 1/4" x 1 3/4" tall. The wood is maple that I picked up from the church's by-pass property when we took down some trees. The inspiration for this plate is most assuredly oriental, in fact I had a sushi plate in mind. Lots of stuff going on in this piece, worm holes, ambrosia, fiddleback, etc. All works together to give a lot of interest. Finish is several coats of Seal-A-Cell, hand buffed between with 0000 steal wool, finished off with Beall System, and then Ren. Wax. I just sent it off to a benefit auction for a young lady who has recently lost both legs to a rare disease. I hope it brings a great price for her and the family.
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    Rectangular platter

    Thats a very nice looking piece Rev,Your a good man,I am so sorry to here about the lady and will put her in my prayers,I certainly hope things go well for her.

    May God bless you all

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    That is a pretty piece Doug and you are a good man for giving a hand. I hope it does well and will keep her in our prayers.
    Bernie W.

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