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Thread: Skip Tooth Bandsaw blade

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    Skip Tooth Bandsaw blade

    I read somewhere that a "Skip Tooth Blade" is the blade to use when resawing on a bandsaw. Would appreciate comments on the use of one. Also how many TPI would be optimum.

    Thanks, DKT

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    3-4 teeth per inch as wide a body as your saw can tension...(don`t rely on sales literature for the saws ability to tension a blade)
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    There is a good document on resawing at the Highland site:

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    The thing is having as few teeth as possible in the work as possible. The fewer the teeth the more saw dust is removed. Lots of teeth gives a smoother cut but the saw dust remaining in the cut slot causes heat build up and even wandering, hard on saw too. Just remember to leave a little undercut to allow for planing or sanding.

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    Skip tooth bandsaw blade

    For a board 8" max height the woodslicer from HT does a great job.After that they don't do so good.I know I have been using them on a 7 1/4 BS for about 4 yrs or more and they did great,BUT I got another BS and raised it to a 13" resaw capacity 1st thing I did was get the woodslicer BAD MOVE at 9" an over it is worthless,as it will not track at all.So I am going with Lenox blades for the big guy.

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