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Thread: I actually have lighting!!

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    I actually have lighting!!

    That's right, after two years with only two clamp lights over the lathe, I finally installed lights. I have been on a mission to get my shop functional, for both turning and furniture making. Over the last week I got the ceiling joists in and today I finished installing the lights. Woohoo!!

    I picked up some used commercial lights very cheaply. I had to replace the ballasts so they could run on 120V, but those were easy to find used at a great price.

    I will need to add a few more HD shop lights down the middle and over the lathes (which are out from the wall right now), but for general lighting it's a good start!


    P.S. The pics make it look brighter than it is in real life.
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    Congrats, Hutch. You'll enjoy the world of difference that's going to make. I went from a couple CF bulbs in the ceiling and a couple clamp lights to four 2 x 48" fluorescent fixtures hanging from the ceiling and a pair of Moffet lights on the lathe. Big improvement.
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    I love a well lit shop!
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    Your looking good. Your eye's will thank you.
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    I just finished re-lighting my shop, too. I used a local electrical supplier's 'light computer' which said I'd need eight two tube 8 foot fixtures for my 26 X 32 shop, and that's what I used. Whow! What a difference! It's brighter than daylight in there now.
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    Now that is a bright idea.
    Looks great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Baer View Post
    Your looking good. Your eye's will thank you.
    dons right, especially in 20 years from now, youll be thankful you put lights in.

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    I remember how great it was the day I got the electricity turned on in the shop. I could actually go out there at night and see! Congrats on the milestone! Jim.
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