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Thread: Buffalo Forge DP

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    Buffalo Forge DP

    Ok, so I can finally gloat properly now that I found the camera cable.

    A couple months ago I purchased a DP, a Buffalo No. 16. It has a full 6" quill stroke, and a sliding head. That's right, the whole quill assembly slides up and down effortlessly! It is connected by a chain to a counterweight that's in the column. (The last picture shows the head slid down.) It has a 2 hp Dayton motor, and it's the perfect machine for what I need it to do, that is, bore out huge hollow vessels with a 3" diameter forstner bit. But it's also great for down the road when I get into furniture making again.


    P.S. The shop is a complete mess cuz I have been busy installing the ceiling joists and lighting.
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    That's a beauty Matt! The 6" stroke will come in really handy. I've got a really old floor standing unit that has a weight in the column as well. Great feature - too bad they still don't do that.

    Enjoy the new find!

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    I never knew....

    Actually, before I bought this machine, I didn't even know they came with a sliding head feature. It's interesting that manufacturers went completely with the rack and pinion table adjustment, rather than combining that with the sliding head.


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    Wow! That's a keeper. Can we say "versatile" boys and girls?

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    Matt, your shop is coming together nicely....hope your venture moves on to the next stage, a busy and profitable one.
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    Nice DP. What i'm most jealous of though, is your shop space. I'm in the basement with scant daylight, low ceilings, and a broken up concrete floor.
    My Dad and i pulled an 1890's Buffalo 15" DP out of an old maintenance shop (we're the 2nd owners). It's an old camelback flat belt drive - a true workhorse. The 6" quill travel is really nice to have. Yours looks like it's had a nice life. Did you rebuild it? The paint looks new.
    Have fun with it.
    Paul Hubbman

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    Sweet DP Matt. Those are made to last for ever

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    Yeah, the shop is starting to come together, and I am very excited about it.

    The DP is in pretty good shape. There are a couple minor issues though. There is a little hitch in the recoil of the quill. I don't know if this just the spring or if there is uneven wear or what. And a few bearings should be replaced, but they aren't to the point where they produce a sloppy cut.

    As for rebuilding it, this is how I purchased it. The previous owner didn't exactly know what he was doing when refurbing it. He used an angle grinder to remove the paint, so the castings have a slightly faceted surface as a result. And there was some overspray on moving parts that I had to remove. He probably thought the paint job would help it sell.

    In any case, I am very happy, especially since I have a very high quality Jacobs chuck on it.


    P.S. There was an old lineshaft camel back (not sure if it was Buffalo Forge or not) that I had been looking at, but it was too far away to get here. Plus the footprint was huge. I do love these old machines!
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    Nice dp. That should do just about any job you have.

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