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Thread: Small town Parade thoughts... with pics

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    Small town Parade thoughts... with pics

    Just a couple of snippets from this trip.

    Every year around this time just after the 4th of July, Bridgewater hosts it's annual 'lawn party' (field days), complete with not one but two parades down Main street. Folks stop by the morning of the first parade day and leave lawn chairs on the sidewalk along the route, and then go about their business. When it comes time for the parade, they go and enjoy it, then either take them with them or leave them for the next day. The remarkable thing to this Yankee is that they are perfectly safe on the street for a day and a half! And we're not talking the folks who Live on main street, people come from miles around and do this. Friday night was the Firemen and floats, tonight was the Antique cars and Tractors, plus about 18 Divco Milk trucks. Pics to follow, but suffice to say I filled up both of my camera's chips and am uploading them to my photobucket account.

    the view from our spot on Main st.

    For you small town residents out in the midwest, that may not seem all that remarkable... and I hope that's true for you. For me, even though I live in a smaller town (Bridgewater is easily 5 times the size of Lakeport, population wise), I know that if we left chairs out for an Hour up home they'd grow legs, let alone overnight.

    At the end of the parade, I gathered up the 4 chairs my mother had put out, carried them to their SUV and we came home.

    My Dad drove one of these in Monticello NY back in the early 50's for a summer job. He was tickled pink that they were having a Divco Owners Assocation show at the Lawn Party.

    The orange and white one is from Clinton NY (up near Utica)...

    this was my favorite of the Divco's... something cool about the flames and the 'suede'

    how about this for a 'school bus'? '34 Dodge hot rod
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