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Thread: Trip to Little Rock, AR?

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    Trip to Little Rock, AR?

    SWMBO has asked me to accompany her to Little Rock this weekend for a conference she is attending. I will have the day on Saturday to do whatever I want. Are there any members here in the Little Rock area that would want to give me a shop tour? I would also like to visit any woodworking stores in the area. I am looking to buy some board buddies and some finishing supplies.



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    Only place I know locally. I live here but my shop is not worth a tour.

    Rain this weekend. Hope you found something.

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    I live 'up nawth' in Arkansas but you would be welcome for a shop tour. The Hogan Hardwoods is only place I know of also. For examples of fine work, the River Market area has a nice art gallery with fine woodwork and some beautiful turnings. There are some nice pens in there also. I would tell you who made them but it would sound like bragging.

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