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Thread: Got my hollowing rig "Gloat"

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    Got my hollowing rig "Gloat"

    I ordered my articulated hollowing rig about 8 weeks or so ago from Randy at Monster Tool. I know he had been real busy leading up to the National Symposium and I was not in a real hurry. The heat this summer has been pretty stifling and my shop is not air conditioned so when it is 100 degrees outside it is about 90+ degrees in the shop so I have not been to enthused about turning. I work in the heat all day so I like to relax in a nice cool room.

    The hollowing rig showed up about last weekend but today was the first chance I had to put it on the machine to figure out how the unit really functions. So far I really like what I see. Everything looks of very good quality and very nice workmanship. I really like how the laser attaches, it seems much better than other laser arrangements that I have seen. It is also very easy to adjust. The entire setup seems as if it will really be user friendly.

    Something else I have noticed, and like is the way that Randy markets his products. He sells it as a complete setup so pretty much when you get the hollowing ring everything is there to use the tool. It is amazing the amount of tooling this thing comes with. Nothing else really needed to be successful accept time, wood, and patience. I really look forward to getting a chance to use it.

    The gloat part this is that I noticed that I beat a price increase of about $30.

    Here are a few pics of the setup.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Monster Pic 1.jpg   Monster Pic 2.jpg   Monster Pic 3.jpg  

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    You're gonna love that rig, Alan. You're right about how Randy sells a complete package, ready to go out of the box. He's a turner who apparently understands what 'instant gratification' is all about.
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