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Thread: It's Monsoon time here in Arizona

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    It's Monsoon time here in Arizona

    Ya gotta love it if you live here. The temp dropped from 108 to 80 degree F. Windy but who cares. I opened up the shop and turned off the AC..
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    That's good news Don. I spoke with my Grandmother the other day (in North Phoenix) and she said it was 115 that day.

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    Came a big wind storm and cloud burst here last night, but it still didn't cool off that much, just got real steamy

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    When I lived in Tucson, a local resident bragged that Arizona got 4 inches of rain a year... usually on the first Wednesday of the month on the start of Monsoon season.. between noon and 1 pm...

    Always amazed me that the swamp coolers keep the house cool, until the monsoon season, then you had to switch to regular air conditioning for a couple of months.

    Sometimes wish I could have afforded to retire to AZ... I fell in love with AZ in 1963 when my mother and her husband were living in Chandler.... but the cost of living was just too high there for us. Our property tax here per year is the same amount we paid per month in Houston... our auto registration here for two cars is less than we paid for one in Texas and Texas usually has fairly low rates on auto registration....the year we were in AZ it cost 5 times as much to register one car as what I paid in Texas.
    Tellico Plains, TN
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