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Thread: Glue for Natural Edge Bowl

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    Glue for Natural Edge Bowl

    I am planning on tackling my first natural edge bowl this weekend. I read a few places that said you should put a small bead of glue where the bark joins the wood to help ensure that it does not chip off during your turning.

    Does anyone else do this? If so, what type of glue do I need to use? Do I need an accerant for the glue?


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    Dawson, some bark won't come's a gamble each time. Wood harvested in the winter tends to keep bark on better. I've used CA glue to hold bark on, but don't use the accellorator as it tends to turn the glue white. If the bark does come off, and you can find it, you can also use CA to glue it back on.

    Good luck and make sure to post pics of the bowl too.
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    When do you apply the glue?

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    Dawson, for the times I used thin CA glue to firm up the bark, I apply it after the bowl has been rough turned and dried, but before (or during) the finish turning.

    That said, more often than not I don't use any glue at all, unless a piece breaks off and I have to replace it. In those cases, I either find the missing piece, or I make a new one out of bark scraps and CA it into place. With a little work, the repair can be invisible when it's done. One other hot tip: A woodburner works great for touching up (darkening) small areas where a little bit of the outer bark has flaked off, and for camouflaging glue joints after doing repairs.
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    I use CA glue also to strengthen up the bark after roughing - works very well - I have also used black colored epoxy to fill in minor placesl, coffee gounds and pc's of bark. I have also used black colored pigment to dab and hide small areas.
    I guess it all depends on what your looking at and what i think at that time will work best........

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