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Thread: Paul's little place

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    Paul's little place

    Well folks it me again and I figured I would give my little tour of my place. Definately not in the same league as Tod's place but I can get some decent work done there. One thing you will notice ain't clean! I am organized (everything has its place) but I refuse to keep the place "clean". I will warn you if you ever come by and visit you WILL get dirty..... oh by the way I do have a vernier caliper too! but just do not tell anyone Oh by the way can you guess what particular brand I like?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Cnv0148.jpg   Cnv0149.jpg   Cnv0150.jpg   Cnv0151.jpg   Cnv0093.jpg  

    Cnv0155.jpg   Cnv0156.jpg   Cnv0157.jpg   Cnv0158.jpg   Cnv0159.jpg  

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    Great looking shop Paul,
    Is that a HF drill press in picture # 7. is so how about an evaluation.
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    Nope it is a ...Grizzly. I got it about 8 years or so ago. Nothing special it spins a bit. Definatley a bit small to my liking but I just do not use it all that much

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    Thanks for thr tour Paul. You have a very efficient looking set up. Don't worry about clean - clean is bad!! I would far rather see a shop that looks like somebody uses it.

    On the shaper - are those infeed/outfeed rollers on extending rods? Is that a standard item offered by minimax - I have never seen them on any of their machines over here.

    Again - thanks for posting.

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    Wow, I'm GREEN with envy!

    VERY nice, man are those some serious machines you have.


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    thanks paul! i could feel right at home in your shop............if only it was a little more disorganized .......tod

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    Yes those are infeed / outfeed rollers. I added those after purchase. I also added the outrigger arm and outrigger table (the same system you will see on their small sliders and new small combo). I have used that set up to do tenoning, cope & stick, etc.....basically it is some what similiar to Tod's setup except his is all cast iron, huge castings, and oh maybe 200-300lbs heavier! My shaper is no cupcake but it is not a Formula machine either. Since I added my little power feeder it is a very versatile machine and suits my very low production needs nicely.

    Tod....actually those pictures are when the shop is clean..... you should see it now!

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    I liked you better when you had the Agazzani. After all, you are the one that convinced me to buy one. But I can tell you for sure I'm not converting to MM.

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    Thanks for sharing Paul. That's quite a kewl lot of tools you have crammed in that space...

    And I like dirty too...shows the shop is USED!

    - Marty -
    Fivebraids, Inc.
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    Nice setup Paul. That's a pretty impressive bandsaw you have there! I was just looking at the MM16 on their website. What reason did you go for the 24"? Do you do alot of resawing.


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