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Thread: Jonathan's Shop

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    Jonathan's Shop

    Yep, it is happening. I have for years wanted to get out of the garage for various reasons. It is crowded and getting more crowded, it isn't "MY" space so subject to anyone putting stuff where they want and use what they want for whatever reason. On our farm we have a small building originally a drive thru corncrib (for ear corn) built in the '40's. We have used it for equipment storage, tie area (with furnace blower for air movement) for the girl's 4H calves, and various other ideas. Well, I have finally decided to get it completed and in use by this winter. Projects are piling up and the garage is uninsulated and quite chilly in the winter. So, insulation, wiring, flooring, roofing (holes for loading crib with corn currently in roof!), doors, exterior walls, interior walls. This is not a large building, it is 22'X22'. 12' eaves. Rotted sills, rotted studs, plenty of opportunities for practicing rough carpentry! So, hang with me as I try to document this process and make it understandable. A lot of things have to happen, stuff moved out, lean to full of stickered rough cut cherry, maple, ash, beech, walnut, oak, and other fine cuts of wood need moved so the exterior South wall can be completed. My grandfather was an orphan, so I don't know my ancestry on his side, might be polish, been accused of it from time to time. Also bred and born a redneck so many "novel" ideas may be used to get roughed in for winter. Oh, I should add, I am cheap. If my horse can't turn on a dime and hand me five cents change, I will sell him and go to the next one!!
    Anyway, will try to start posting pictures tomorrow evening and let you see what I am starting with, where I hope to end up, and of course you will see all of the junk (treasures! I have to do something with.
    This will not be a Marty build. This is for my hobby of working with wood, sneaking in a reloading bench, and a place to hang and cut up deer out of the weather. And my youngest got engaged two weeks ago so costs have to stay at a minimum as I am delegating money to a wedding for next May!
    Questions and comments are always welcome. Depending on my mood and how I interpret them will determine if I answer in the public forum or PM you directly!
    So, crawl in, sit down, hang on, we'll go on this ride together and see what we come up with. I appreciate and respect all the opinions as I know nothing! It is part of my dream coming true and quite honestly, I have had a very good life and this is a continuation of it. So, pics tomorrow, this is just my introduction of this complex project. Around this project is my day to day farm operation, finishing putting the FFA barn at the county fairgrounds to bed for the year, bus inspection, start of school and training two horses, a three year old stallion (App) and a six year old gelding (buckskin).
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    ready for the pics jonathan!

    benedictione omnes bene

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    Congratulations Jonathan Let me be the first to say i will gladly help with removal of the clutter. Now shall we start with all that wood you said was taking up space.

    Oh and i can help you with the long list of essentials.

    Heater choice? Bar fridge choice? Aircon choice ...well that can wait till next summer i guess. Oh how about the floor. and new windows and on and on oh and dont forget while you at it the new electrical panel with 220v outlets.....etc etc

    Enjoy the dream and finishing it. As LOML said to me dont just head for the end goal enjoy the ride. Take it easy and enjoy everything about it.

    And take lots of pictures. I found them to be most worthwhile when i was looking for an electrical outlet i had buried beneath the drywall.

    best of luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan Shively View Post
    ...Also bred and born a redneck so many "novel" ideas may be used to get roughed in for winter...
    The first two building supplies on your list:

    Looking forward to watching the build, Jon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    The first two building supplies on your list:

    Looking forward to watching the build, Jon.
    Aha!!!!!!! So THAT'S where my wire and tape got off to, Vaughn had it.

    Better keep a watch out for Vaughn, Johnathan, 'cause he's a Sneaky Devil, ya know.

    Boy, with your to do list, you're sure going to have to hurry if you get er done 'fore tha snow falls.

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    Looking forward to this build!
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    Sweet, new shop build, I just love following these Best of luck Jonathan with your build

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    well jon at least yu got a bench already
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    I love going along for the ride on these builds. Congrats.
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    I'm ready too.....

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