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Thread: Winamp music choices?

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    Winamp music choices?

    thoise that use winamp or have access to stream music,, what are your choices and what radio stations do you tune into threw the stream set up.. ran across a good R&B this am but its in polish the songs werent but the ads were????
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    I listen to glamfm sometimes (on iTunes) and sometimes

    GlamFM has a weird name, but it's basically 60s-80s music, but not much on the quiet/ballad end of things.
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    KPLU it is a NPR radio station that plays jazz all the time, between your normal NPR telecasts. You can see the programing schedule here: My favorite programs are Ken Wiley's The Art of Jazz (Sundays) and the absolute best is All Blues with John Kessler on both Saturday and Sunday evenings (6:00 to 11:30).

    Best thing is I don't even have to bring up the web cast, because it airs over the radio in Western Washington, from Bellingham down to Portland.

    If you like jazz and blues this is the place!

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    30,020 Very eclectic mix, and a bunch of stuff you might not have otherwise listened to, but it's commercial free, with a high bitrate, and mixed by a real human instead of a computer playing random songs from a list.

    I've gotten fed up with XM Radio since they merged with Sirius, so I'm considering dropping my subscription and spending the money on an iPod Touch instead. It can stream music via wi-fi, plus hold every CD and iTunes song I own.
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    +1 on has a selection by category if you don't want the wide spectrum that runs.
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