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Thread: future projects

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    future projects

    after talking with my dad today, i think i've gotten him conned into letting me build another bench (for the planer and the sander), and a rolling platform for the big lathe. this would hopefully free up enough space on one bench or the other for the shaper that i bought a couple of years ago. the platform for the lathe would be 6 ft long, 5 ft for the lathe, and 1 ft for a stand for the grinder. my dad wondered whether or not it would be a bit top heavy. i told him that i would be using the sand from the bags that i have in the platform itself. enough for stability, but still easy enough to move. then there are the medium sized cheese boards that i will be making (roughly 8x10 inches), that will put paid to a fairish amount of my saved offcuts. that and some picture frames of various sizes and wood species, and i'll be all set for christmas, at minimal cost to me...
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    I think you'll be glad you put wheels on the lathe. I sure am thankful that I put some on mine. I seldom move it, but when I do, it's very handy.
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