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Thread: Inspired by Randi

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    Inspired by Randi

    Most of you know that Linda, the LOML, has been dealing with cancer the past few months. Some time ago Larry's beautiful bride sent Linda some quilting supplies to occupy her time and help keep her mind and motor skills sharp. Unfortunately, Linda's deteriorating motor skills have not allowed her to work on the quilting for a few weeks now. However, a woman from our church, who is also a quilter, liked Randi's designs so much that she incorporated them into a quilt that she was working on for Linda. Here is the finished product along with a close up of the portion "inspired by Randi."
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    I think it turned out wonderfully, all the more so by the inclusion of Randi's design. Thanks Randi!
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    Very nice work to all involved Quilts can have deep meanings behind them and this one has them also. Randi is a great quilter, I have seen her work, and your lady from church does also. Great "inspiration" for Linda and you to have and enjoy

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    Wonderful and beautiful all around
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    What Tom & Stu said! They beat me to it.


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    Incredible work there Rennie, what intrigues me is the sharp edges these ladies manage to get on their work and all that with no jigs.

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    Very well done on everyone's part.

    And Rob's right...quilters do some geometry and layout that would make any segmented turner or inlay artist proud.
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