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Thread: Chainsaw vs. Band Saw

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    Chainsaw vs. Band Saw

    Up until now, I have used only a chainsaw for cutting my logs and trimming off the corners before mounting it on a lathe for rough turning. I've found that the initial blank is pretty unbalanced and also requires a lot of wood removal before I get it round and can begin really shaping it. My lathe is not huge and the initial blank (if around 11" or 12") can cause it to wobble a bit, even on the slowest speeds.

    I am wondering how many people use:
    1. only a chainsaw
    2. only a bandsaw
    3. chainsaw and bandsaw combination

    Do you guys think a band saw is a good addition to the workshop for a turner? Or is it something that is not really needed?


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    Hi folks,
    I don't do turning, but I think a bandsaw is an excellent addition to any shop. It's probably the most versitile saw and can't throw things at you. I use mine all the time.


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    A bandsaw, IMHO, is a basic and very essential tool in a workshop. My bandsaw is one of my most frequently used 'go to' tools.
    For what you are talking about, I believe you should only shop for a 17" or larger model. Get the very best you can afford.
    Also, for the task you are talking about, a bandsaw is about 6,000 times safer than a chainsaw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Fusco View Post
    Also, for the task you are talking about, a bandsaw is about 6,000 times safer than a chainsaw.
    Frank, I told you a million times don't exagerate...

    I have both a chain saw and a band saw, like others have said the bandsaw is a great addition to any shop.
    Buy the biggest one you can afford, you won't regret it.
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    Chain saw and band saw combo for me.. I have a big Sthil with a 24" bar for roughing out the large stuff and an electric Sthil with an 18" bar for small stuff and trimming off the corners. All blanks still go on a 24" Laguna band saw for final rounding and trimming. The band saw also helps saw up the pith cut outs for spindle and or peppermill blanks. I wouldn't be without the band saw and agree it is safer by far than a chain saw and you should buy the largest you can afford.

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    big bandsaws are are big chainsaws!
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    Dawson I think a bandsaw is a must for turning. I use a bandsaw and chainsaw combo. I have the Stihl 360 with a 20" blade and a Grizzly bandsaw with a 13" cut. Bandsaw IMHO is much safer rounding out than a chainsaw.
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    Chainsaw vs Bandsaw

    Definitly both,I use the CS to cut the blank then round it with the BS and as already said,don't try to go with a cheap BS,as you WILL regret it,even if you have to save a bit to get a good one,do it.

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    I would like to say I use both, but my Delta 14" doesn't give me much room under the blade guides to cut very large bowl blanks, so I round them as much as I can with the chainsaw, then any extra trimming I can do with the Bandsaw... even as small as it is, my bandsaw does get a regular workout...
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    I use both also - electric 14" McCulloch which will cut anything bit or small with some effort - I use it to cut the log to size then down the pith into 2 halfs. I used to round them with my chainsaw and quickly bought my first bandsaw 14" Central Machine from a garage sale - then added a riser block - works so-so and you have to go very slow (not much horsepower) but i was able to cut nice round blanks with the set up.
    Then i stubbled across a Davis-Wells 26" and got it very cheaply - Restored it which cost me due to the parts and machining etc - all the parts were there but the machine had been sitting for a long time. I put new tires, balanced the wheels, trued the shafts, all new bearings, restored the upper and lower guides with original guide blocks etc-. I even repainted it the same color as it once was and had alot of fun doing the restoration (which the people here on the forum under "Old Iron" helped me a whole lot). I have not regreted restoring this old machine (built mid 1930's) and i actually enjoy using it and it cuts very large blanks easily.
    All that said i would suggest you look around and get the best one you can buy. You may want to buy a older one and do what i did or you may not and just find a good deal on a new one - either way you will not be disappointed in owning one - it has made turning that much more fun for me.
    I do think horsepower and clearance are important......

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