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Thread: Christmas in July

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    Christmas in July

    Well I know it is just July but if I don't get with the program and replenish my stock for this coming Christmas it will be the week before and I won't be ready. So this weekend I made a bunch of ornaments, mini birdhouses and a bell. I want to make 3 or 4 more bells although they don't sell as well as the others. Don't know why. Last Christmas I sold 45 of the 60 ornaments and birdhouses I took down there so I have a few more to make yet. Anyway was a fun weekend.
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    Bernie W.

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    Looking real good Bernie, quiet a productive time i would say. This is something i really want to get round to before Xmas this year. Thanks for the inspiration and reminder.

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    They look great, Bernie!

    I hope you Christmas season works out as well as last year. Are you selling your art at the same place?
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    Beautiful work Bernie, I especially like the bell.

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    Great stuff, Bernie. Man, you sure seem to be getting the knack for thin icicles.
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    Way to plan ahead. I'm still working on a project promised two years ago. Does the bell have a clapper? Does it make any sound? How do you do the colors on the snowflakes (that's what they look like to me anyway) and the stripes?


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    Man i don't even want to think about christmas. Great work as always really like the bell also,might have to add that to the todo list also.

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