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Thread: Added to the wood pile again today..

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    Added to the wood pile again today..

    The wife and I attended our artist association picnic today and on the way home when we crossed over 360 to head home, a tree company was cutting wood for the power company. They had a tree laying on the side of the road. I asked what it was... they said it was popular... very nice white wood... asked if I could have any... they didn't care so loaded up about 6 pieces... largest was about 8" dia x 24" long... four about that size... two were about same length, but smaller in diameter. Probably could have taken more but we were in the car and had stopped at the grocery store on the way home, so had to move groceries from the trunk to the back seat.. by the time we got home it was getting late and we had a funeral to attend tonight, so didn't get pictures yet... will add them tomorrow. Haven't turn popular yet and this is really green... will need to get the ends coated tomorrow first thing, may try to cut some blanks to dry... but I need to build a drying rack before I can cut any more blanks.
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    Added to the woodpile again

    WTG Chuck,you ever feel like takin a trip over the maountains to Nc (Whittier) I'll fill up whatever you bring, with poplar,an walnut.

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