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Thread: on Grizzly service

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    on Grizzly service

    The tailstock on my Grizzly G0632 lathe has been getting harder and harder to turn lately. Didn't know what the problem might be. And, I'm one who is reluctant to take stuff apart without really knowing what I'm getting into. So, using my toll free Magic Jack telephone, I called Grizzly tech support. As usual, got a nice guy who knew what he was talking about.
    He advised me that disassembly wasn't a big deal. Loosen one screw, take guts out, when done put back and tighten screw.
    So, I disassembled found an almost gross yuckky mess.
    The inside of the works was filled with a Chinese rust preventative gunk that resembled WWII cosmoline. I had cleaned a lot of this off when I first unpacked the lathe but didn't think to look inside the tailstock.
    Half a can of spray carburetor cleaner (used outside) and a bunch of paper towels, it was clean. I lubed with a thin, spray white grease and reassembled.
    Works slicker than fresh manure on a flat rock.
    Thanks Griz tech guy.

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    Yup Frank great guys. I have been working with one of the guys to get my jointer fence sorted out. Have only the highest of praise for them. Not shying away from the problem, willing to stand behind me executing any fix even if it means broken parts. By the way for all the Canadians I live in Canada and they are supporting me contrary to popular belief.

    Thanks for this post Frank you gave me an idea about my own lathe there.

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    Great to hear stories like that Frank. They were a tremendous help to me on my jointer when I had problems took a couple of calls but we got it done.
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