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Thread: Watco vrs Wax vrs Buffing

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    Watco vrs Wax vrs Buffing

    Watco Oil advertises a hand rubbed appearance, and I agree. I just finished a project in Canary Wood and applied Watco natural, and yes it looks as advertised.

    My wonderful, lovely wife wants me to buff it with my Beall system, (she likes the looks of a Oak project I used the Beall on), my question is if I buff it lightly with the wax am I defeating the reason for the oil and will I lose all the "hand rubbed " appearence?

    Thank you
    Jiggs Elphison

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    All of the so called "Danish Oils are mixtures of mineral spirits, linseed oil and varnish. The Watco is over 70% mineral spirits, what little protection that it provides is afforded by the small amount of varnish in the mix. Wax also offers very little,if any, protection. If you like the look and want some protection why not try an oil base varnish in satin or some flatter sheen.



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    The wax will just add protection. Butchers wax is a good common wax to use.

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