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Thread: Long Summer

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    Long Summer

    Hi Guys
    It's been a long summer here. I have been lurking and trying to finish the remodel of the liveing room. Just a few pics of how it turned out

    .It is water based poly on everything. I really love this stuff. I got 3 coats of poly on the floor in one day and was still able to sleep in the house that night

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    Looks really great Reg!

    You seem to have a theme going there
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    good work reg!
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    What summer , I have not even turned on the AC yet !

    Work looks great!

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    Looks great. My fireplace is on my to do list - I hope it turns out as well.
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    good job reg wondered where ya been hidun yup this summer is going fast for sure.
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    hi ya` reg!
    house is lookin` good!
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    Hey tod. Thanks for the kudos. I really like the remodel. I get to do the kitchen next summer. I am really looking fwd to that. But is will probley take all summer I have to take the floor up and probley re sheet the subfloor. But gotta do something till it's time to stop breathing.
    I have been working on the shaper the last few days getting it ready to start doing the doors for the cabinets. I gathered a lot of stuff over the last few years for it and just powered it up a few weeks ago the get the cob webs out of it. That thing is a beast and cuts so nice. I might make a few of the cab boxes this winter to help speed the process along

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    Forgot. I had to do a little side job too for the boss. She swears she saw farries in the yard ago I had to build a little for them too

    Just wish they would learn how to sweep sawdust

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    Very nice work, Reg. Like Rennie, my fireplace is on my list, too.

    I like the ferry house, too. I'd better not let LOML see that one.
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