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Thread: What R UR Week end plans

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    What R UR Week end plans

    It's Friday, the end of another week. So What ya got going on this week end. I'll be in the shop trying to get caught up on restorations , so I can create enough space so that I can enlarge the shop. I'll need the space when I start on the commision.

    So are all yall goinna do this weekend.
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    Tomorrow I go to Missouri for my granddaughter's birthday. I'll stay over and Sunday afternoon pick up my wife and her friend at Springfield airport. This will be the end of their annual high school reunion vacation and my opportunity to clean out the freezers at home.

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    Tonight I go to the country to a friends farm for a few cold ones while my daughter gets to know a new miniture horse and a burrow....

    Tomorrow I will be helping my dad insulate and put up OSB on 1/3 of his new shop interior...hope it doesn't get to hot!

    Hope to get some shop time Sunday to turn, turn and turn some more. It's been awhile for me.
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    Work Saturday, of course, then late Saturday night, I'm heading down to Zushi to meet up with my wife and kids at our friends place on the beach. The girls will head down by train on Saturday morning. On Sunday we are going to BBQ and have some fun, even though it is supposed to rain
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    going to go sharpen up some gouges, turn a bit, finish assembling a bed, and then... who knows?

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    This sounds like a plan!
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    makun some cherry look purty..
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    Linda's back in the hospital again, so I'm commuting back and forth to Boise.
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    We are staying with my in-laws for a month or so til we find a new place. So I'm starting on the MIL's 3 page to-do list and hopefully getting the FIL's shop picked up and ready to do some woodworking soon.

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    Tomorrow is my middle daughter's 4th birthday party. With about 40 family and friends showing up and 90 degree temps I am getting ahead of the game by BBQing some pig for pulled pork. I'll cook it today and serve it out of a crock pot tomorrow.

    It started out as 30 pounds of untrimmed bone-in pork shoulder. I trimmed it and put the rub on yesterday. Now for 10 or so hours of low and slow in the offset BBQ (and some garlic brats for snackage.)

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