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Thread: Grandson in the shop

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    Grandson in the shop

    My grandson came to visit for three days.

    So we made a box. I milled out some nice fir into 2" strips and two pieces for top and bottom.

    Matthew ( 5 will be 6 in November ) cut the 2" into pieces for the ends and sides of the box. Maybe a little help from granddad. Used my dovetail saw. Not exactly the best but he had fun. The picture cutting had to be taken after the real cuts. HE LOVED cutting wood.

    He helped spread the glue and put on clamps and take them off.

    We used the 6" belt sander to smooth the ends after glue up, then smooth all the box after the sides were glued. He lked watching, but did not like all of the noise.

    He was so happy with his box that he got to take home.

    I went down by myself and cut out the top on the router table.

    I learned you really have to be careful with kids in the shop. He knows NO fear.
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    Way to go Gampa.. He'll remember this forever and who knows you might have inspired him into taking up a new hobby. My Grandaughter loves to spend time with me in the shop.
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    Conrats on geting shop time with him.

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    Looks like he had a great time! I can't wait for my son to be old enough to get out there with me.
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    that's what is so great about grand kids they just love to be with you. like Don my grandaughter loves to be in the shop with me.

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    The last picture says it all. That smile will last you both a long time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    The last picture says it all. That smile will last you both a long time.
    yep no fake smile there, just pure delight. Congrats on getting him in the shop Bartee, that was a great grampa/grandson moment and project

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