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Thread: The Twin Twin Bench (pic)

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    The Twin Twin Bench (pic)

    One of our friendly moderators asked me to post a pic of my bench, so here goes nothing....

    This has been seen several times by you WoodNet regulars. I completed the bench in 2005 and made the base cabinets last spring. Hard maple bench, cherry drawer fronts, finish is danish oil. Round dog holes, 2-1/4" thick top, hand dovetailed corners, and two Lee Valley Twin Screw vises (which I looooove). Project is based off of Lon Schleining's bench that was in FWW a couple years back.

    More pics and lots of blabber about it on this page from my super-geeky website.

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    Chris all I can say is WOW thats some bench..

    I may steal the design from ya.
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    Very nice bench!

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    That would have to go in my living room, not my shop.

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    That is one beauty of a bench. Just curious but I also have the twin screw vise but haven't installed it yet. I understand the vise needs 4.125" plus the core bench thickness for the vise jaws. What set up do you have in this regard? It looks like you have drilled through the bench apron. What is the bench thickness and the jaw size?

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    Chris, Very nice bench you built. One of the best I've ever seen and truly a work of art.

    I also took a look at your web site and saw the furniture you made for your family. Impressive.

    Thanks for sharing your work here and welcome to Family Woodworking.

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    Gorgeous bench, going to have to make myself a nice one soon.

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    A wise friendly moderator I'd say....

    Chris that is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen created using wood. It amazes me how you have blended beauty and brawn together....absolutely gorgeous.

    I'd have to use it as a dining room table instead of out in the messy, dirty shop of mine.

    Thanks for posting the picture and your geeky site.
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    That is a great looking bench (do I hear an echo in here?) Excellent work, I can imagine cutting those dovetails was an interesting exercise.

    I have the LV vice on one end of my bench, I'm having trouble keeping the two handles "in sync". What has been your experience? Any suggestions?

    I have aligned mine several times and really torqued down the set screw (I thought) but then it will get skewed again.


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