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Thread: Containers for Dyes and stains ?

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    Containers for Dyes and stains ?

    I mix a lot of the dyes annd stains I use for refurbishing and even when I am doing new pieces since frequently I have to do color matching. I have been using mason Jars but I realy don't like haqving all of that glass in the shop. So tell me, what do you guys use ?
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    The dogs' treats come in a plastic jar that holds just over a pint. I keep them for stains, dyes, etc. They work very well, except for lacquers. (DAMHIKT)
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    I use Mason jars, sorry.
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    I use and store small amounts of dyes, so I use little 2 ounce plastic bottles from the dollar store or the travel supplies section of the drugstore.
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    Mason Jars also. Need to see what I'm looking for.

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    mason jars and glas jars from anything with good lids.had to many ooops with plastic jars..
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    Often we buy small water bottles, being a container hoard, I save everything, and have put stains and such in them as it is clear and easy to see the contents. However, I have found that some of the stains collapse the sides of the bottles over long periods of time (the stain is fine but the bottle looks worried). I guess that is why Water has an expiration date.

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