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Thread: Sold some cherry stoppers

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    Sold some cherry stoppers

    I have a friend who owns some stores in Northern Michigan that sells nothing but products made from cherries. I came up with the idea to make cherry shaped stoppers made from cherry wood. My brother gave me an assist by making four stands out of cherry. My friend bought 15 to try them out and I also placed them in two other places on consignment.
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    Very nice. Next batch you might try staining a couple of them with some cherry stain. Might lend even more thought toward cherries. Pretty cool as they are. Should sell well for you.
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    Good looking pieces Pete. Congrats on the sale.
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    Cute apples!

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    Nice work Pete. Congrats on the sales, and a tip o' the hat to your brother for the stands. Great idea.
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    Good job Pete. I might have to steal that idea. I have a booth at an "apple" festival in about 6 weeks.


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