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Thread: Shop Moved...(wifes idea)

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    Shop Moved...(wifes idea)

    Been a while since I've posted but summer is here which means I've been putting in long days working on air conditioners. Anyway last week Denise (wife) says "honey, why don't you and Terry (brother-in-law) clean out the back half of the garage so you can have more room for your wood stuff". I thought OMG what a job. But her idea was good in more than one way, it would also mean no one could drive by and see what I have in my shop, and I wouldn't have to move stuff inside if I wanted to go in and grab something to eat. So Terry and I proceeded to remove all the old junk and I do mean JUNK, which only took all day. Then I started moving things to the back half. After arranging and rearranging I finally got it the way I like. My table saw can stay where it is unless I'm cutting something BIG. Same goes for my miter saw. I can also connect my miter saw or router to my shop vac for dust control. The only thing I really have to move is my home made down draft box when I'm doing heavy sanding. Note the coffee pot, TV, and radio. And yes the fridge in the corner works and is well stocked. My new home away from home.
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    Excellent! It's always nice to be able to change things for the better! Jim.
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    Way too much room,lol. Good job and I'm sure your gonna enjoy the extra space.
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    Here are some pics from what used to be. Yes I like my new castle.
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    good deal on the improved setup and to think that she thought of it is priceless
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    Big difference. That'll make life a lot more fun. Congrats.
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    thats one thing i dont like about my garage shop is when the main door is open everyone driving by can see in. i dont 100% trust my neighbors so i try to keep the door shut as much as possible but it sure would be nice to not have to worry about it
    Als ik kan

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