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Thread: Drum sander question

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    Drum sander question

    Well, I had a something of a pleasant surprise the other day.

    Let me give you a little back ground.

    Leaving for work one morning I saw one of my neighbors had put out as trash a metal work bench that look in great shape (if you see my shop tour its next to my welder) and it had all kinds of junk in it that, being a pack trat, I didnt throw out. Well, I got curious and startred looking inside as I was organizing after the move and wanted to store my paints in there.

    There was lots of junk, old car parts, screws, an old fuel pump for a civic and a very curious looking peice of hardware. I took it out and it was heavy as all heck. It had a logo that said "Kwik-lathe" come to find out its a break rotor lathe that attaches to the car to reface the break discs. I looked in *bay and they sell for almost $2,000 dollars! This one is somewhat used but still very very functional.

    so I have begun to count my chickes before even laying my eggs.

    Am thinking I could sell it on *bay and use the money for a drum sander. Which brings me to the name of this post...which drum sander would you recommend?

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    I have the Performax 22-44 and have been pretty happy with it. The bases on them now are a lot smaller and take less floor space. I have a wixey gauge I am going to put on it so all in all, no complaints. The only thing to be careful of if you do buy a 1 arm, not to touch the arm while sanding as you will have a valley if you do.

    I came close to buying a 2 arm 25" wide unit, but wanted the extra sanding capacity and I am glad I did as I have definitely used it.

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    how much do want to spend?

    dollars & useage affect the tool suggestion.
    light use small stuff--performax or delta cantilever type
    cabinets and flat work --solide support drum single or dual drum--several good brands

    had a delta cantilever and now have woodmaster solide setup drum.
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    Do you consider the woodmaster an upgrade? Why?

    I'm not disagreeing whatsoever, just wanting to know the differences.

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    travis, i think the woodmaster is leaps-n-bounds ahead of the performax.. all the wear parts are off the shelf items, standard pillow blocks for the drum, d/c servor motor from grainger for the feed, baldor 5hp or 7 1/2hp drum motor, 6" diameter sanding drum....but no drum sander is a quick stock removal tool nor are any i`ve seen suitable for fine veneer work.....panels-n-doors sure....tod
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