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Thread: Table Saw Adjustment Screws

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    Table Saw Adjustment Screws

    I have a Craftsman 21830 Jobsite table saw on which the blade adjustment mechanism is held in place with four socket flathead cap screws. Three of the four have the drive socket partially stripped out and I wish to replace them. I ordered what I thought were six screws from Sears Parts Direct for $9.69 (incl shipping & tax). I received one and upon rechecking the listing the six shown is the recommended number! That sucks!

    So I start looking online for socket flat cap screws M6×1.0×25. I can find them at several places but all are quantities of 50 or 100. What I need are four and I really hate to buy a box of these things and then throw all but four away (actually I wouldn’t, but they would sit in my shop and rust for the next xxxx years).

    Can anyone recommend a place where I might buy these screws in a quantity of ‘each’? That really isn’t too much to ask, is it? I’ve checked McMasters, Grainger, MSCDirect, Reid Supply, Fastenal, Small Parts, just to name a few.

    Any help would be appreciated. Oh, yeah, Ace Hardware doesn’t list fasteners online and we don’t have one anywhere close.



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    Try the specialized hardware drawers (Not just what's hanging on the wall) at Lowes or Home Depot.

    Probably an even better source, though, will be an automobile parts dealer - NAPA (my preference), Advanced, AutoZone, etc. Nearly all cars use metric fasteners these days, sot the parts stores tend to stock a good supply.

    Also, even though you're replacing socket-head fasteners, you might also consider hex-head or Torx-head fasteners. The hex-head, in particular, might be easier to find, since they're more commonly used.
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    Try a local (Mom & Pop) Hardware store. My local guys (I'm Lucky) stock a complete array of fasteners and some are the most rediculous sized you ever saw. Next county over is another Hardware store that again has a wall of screws nuts and bolts and specializes in Stainless. Although they are miles from you, I would suggest you look around for the Locals and bypass the Borg or On-line for last resort. Might be surprized what wonders await common shoppers.

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    My vote is for local mom and pop places also, you're likely to find one that has a great selection right there in the store.
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    It's a real pity you don't have an Ace Hardware in your area, because at ours, they stock ALL kinds of fasteners like that in the specialty fasteners section. Most online mail order sell by the box though and not individually, although SOMEONE here "MIGHT" know of an exception to this. Good Luck.

    PS: I would second the suggestion to try a NAPA or other Automotive Parts house.

    Another suggestion is to look in the phone book of the Largest city close to you and get a number for a bolt and nut store and call them on the phone, as most of those stores will sell in individual quantities and would probably mail to you. (They usually carry a variety of hardness/strength fasteners and you could get a better quality bolt from them at least a grade 5 and even better a grade 8 and you should have no more problems with bolt failures).
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